Anything But Pink

She says she is a Tom Boy. We insist that she’s athletic. Either way, Gracie is nothing like her sister. Elena loved princesses, butterflies and the color pink. Gracie loves cars, bugs and blue. Where her sister would have collected soft stuffed animals and headbands, Gracie collects rocks and pony tails. But no matter how much she shuns ruffles and bows she’ll always be a girl.

Today marks exactly 12 days before May Fete, the celebratory “skip” day of our community. School all but gives up in the face of cotton candy and nauseating twirling rides of terror and doctors, lawyers and other professionals of the community call in sick. After all, work comes every day, but the “carny” only comes once a year. So backpacks and briefcases are traded for funnel cake and insanely large stuffed animals that only seem like a good idea until you get to the car. And in the end, the entire community is precisely $20 less wealthy, a bit sick from cotton candy and ready to get back to work while the “carny” waits another 364 days.

As May Fete fever captivated the community, Gracie informed us that at school the official king and queen of May Fete selections were underway. And just like every democratic election process since the revolution has been conducted, this too was more of a factor of who volunteered rather than who was elected. Grace informed us that at first she thought she might like to be queen. Despite the chance of a pink crown and flowing dress, she thought that it might be nice to be the center of attention – a predicament that Gracie has never had any qualms about basking in. After all, even if for just a moment, she’d be happy to wear ruffles and lace, as long as it came with flash photography and bragging rights. But then, she informed us, she had second thoughts. What about the king, she said. After all, the king, just like the queen was also a function of who volunteered more than popularity and wouldn’t that mean that she might possibly have to hold the hand of a boy that she didn’t really like? And if she did, would everyone think she really LOVED him? That would be just too much.

In the end, the May Fete king and queen was decided by default and Gracie withdrew her nomination for fear of the consequences. No fear of ruffles, no pink and no holding the hand of a boy she didn’t like. No drama, just plenty of funnel cake and more time to spend on twirling rides of terror. And that’s just the way we want it.

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