Caps for the Cure

I love Spring. Not for the flowers, the warm weather or even the pollen. Instead it’s the reminders that mean the most. Late April into early May they start. A tattoo here, a hat there; each a subtle reminder of Elena’s influence and our desire to help other children in a way we could not help our own. I drive home and smile as I pass by the school. The children are on their way home too, only this time they wear hats. Ball caps, knit caps, even sombreros – each signifying a unified front in the battle against brain cancer – each a participant in the Caps for the Cure benefit that touches tens of thousands of students each and every year.

Tomorrow they’ll be wearing tattoos – a gift to each and every participant that helps us raise funds for The Cure Starts Now. What we don’t tell them is that the tattoos aren’t as easy to remove as a hat. When we purchased them we had a choice of 1 day or 1 week temporary tattoos – one more easy to remove that the latter. We chose the latter. After all, they call it a tattoo for a reason, even if they also call it temporary. Still, it’s a reminder of the cause they won’t forget, long after the hat is buried in the far reaches of the closet.

The first year the school decided to hold Caps for the Cure the day before graduation. Of course I knew what to expect – I just didn’t say a word. And in the end there were over 150 pictures of smiling graduates, each with a tattoo of Elena’s picture and the address blazoned upon their arms or even their foreheads. I could only imagine the frustration of the expectant parents as their once-in-a-lifetime moment was marred by our once-in-a-lifetime message. Still I couldn’t be happier, even if Caps for the Cure has since now been safely planned two weeks before graduation ceremonies.

It’s a message from one to thousands. It’s about curing cancer, one child at a time. It’s a reminder that the homerun cure for all cancers starts first with brain cancer. And it’s a message that can’t touch enough families and enough schools. Help us today and bring it to your school. We need all the help we can get. Then you too can smile as you pass them on the street, knowing the difference started with you.

For more information, please visit and click on “contact” at the bottom of the page and select “caps for the cure” as the subject. We’ll take care of everything else.

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