Grandma’s Salon

As I look through pictures of Elena I’m reminded of how every trip to Grandma’s involved a haircut.  Sadly not one of Grandma’s haircuts ever looked good.  Crooked bangs, uneven sides – sometimes I wondered what my mother was thinking.  Each trip her hair would get shorter and shorter until her bangs would disappear leaving only a few crooked hairs remaining. 


It never really mattered to Elena.  For her it was just another opportunity to spend time with Grandma.  Brooke and I tried to hide the scissors – my Mom just bought another pair.  We tried to scold her – my Mother just feigned ignorance.  We even instructed Elena to run when Grandma came near her with the scissors.  But Elena never ran and never said no to Grandma.  As the oldest, she never ignored the attention.  Sometimes Grandma would promise to only “even it up a little” or “thin it out” and at first we believed her.  But after seeing the results, we knew that “evening it out” was nothing less than 2 inches shorter.


Only with our trip to Memphis did we ever see Elena’s bangs grow out and her hair even out.  At least in Memphis she was able to get a real haircut, 8 hours safe from Grandma’s scissors.  And now, looking back, it is easy to separate those pictures after diagnosis from those before – just look at the bangs. 


Seven months later she would begin her decline and lose even the pink highlights as a result of the chemotherapy.  And for a girl that loved her hair, this was never easy.  Her hair made her feel pretty and made her feel healthy.  Even after Grandma’s haircuts, it would grow back again ready for the next day they would spend together.  Brooke and I would cringe – Grandma and Elena would laugh.  A day at the salon – Grandma’s way.

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  1. criss says:

    i just can’t help but cry..she was really a sweet & loving child.