Mini Dad

Gracie calls me “Mini Dad”. I guess that’s just a smaller serving size of a dad. She says it’s because I’m smaller than all the other dads. And looking at all the other fathers, I can see what she means. At 5’4” on my tip toes, I don’t exactly look down on anyone. As a matter of fact, other than children under the age of 7 (and even some of them are debatable), I’m pretty much shorter than everyone else. I still climb on counters to get to the top of the kitchen cabinet, I still have to check the height restrictions on rides and in some states I may even be forced to sit in a booster seat as I drive through (Ohio may have even joined those restrictions as of late). So when she calls me “Mini Dad”, I can’t say I’m much surprised.

Tonight at a father-daughter event, Gracie took notice, even pulling me aside to point out which dads were taller than me (and that was every dad) and which dads were the “tallest people she’d ever seen”. But then again, when you’re 7 and a little shy of 48”, “tallest” is relative. She continued on telling me how one day she’d too be taller than I am. Little did she know that her genes will have other plans.

I’m OK with being “mini”. I guess I never really noticed – at least until Gracie started pointing it out. I never played basketball, never lived in a house with 10’ ceilings and never had to duck when I walked in a room. Somehow height never mattered quite that much. I doubt it will in the future either.

As we left the event, Gracie told me not to worry, that I could still do “lots of things” even if I wasn’t the tallest dad in the room. She then reminded me that she still loved me even if I was a “Mini Dad”. I see her point, you see, my heroes aren’t taller than 4’ and they accomplished the impossible. But to me, they were both larger than life. They were two little girls – my girls – and they taught me more than I could have imagined and still do to this day. Even if I’m a Mini Dad, I’m still a hero to them as well. And I’m just fine with that.

3 Responses to “Mini Dad”

  1. Darla Creasey says:

    Good morning mini dad, I know how it feels because im a mini mom. My 14 year old son is taller than me now and my 4 1/2 year old daughter is gonna be taller than me also. Oh well they say that dynamite comes in small packages just remember that. ha ha

  2. Susi says:

    Bem, eu tenho tres filhotes com 9,6 e 4 anos e todos sao mais altos que eu (graças a Deus) e sabes … quando estou com enguias conseguem me invisivel atè Tornar, Somos sempre uma Pequenina sombra protectora nao é?

  3. Sylvia Brown Sosinski says:

    Hi, I’ve enjoyed your writings, I was a classmate and friend of Brooke’s mom.
    So happy to learn that you are a mini dad. My son Bill, not a dad but about the same height as you….He never had a problem with height either.
    His answer, drive Volkwagons, bugs, vans They make you look larger.