Seven Going on Eight

Gracie’s going to skip a year.  She’s had it with being seven and her seventh birthday is still days away.  So instead of going from six to seven, she’s decided to go directly to eight.  Not sure quite why eight seems like the right age for her, I know at my age I’d rather go backwards, but she now forbids us from talking about seven.

For nine years I’ve wondered what seven would look like.  I always envisioned that it would be somewhere in between temper tantrums and teenage hysterics.  It would be the sweet spot where my girls would be cute, self reliant, but still cuddle up next to Dad for the occasional hug.  My morning and night kisses would remain on their cheeks for at least a minute and boys would be a distant thought.  Elena never made it to seven.  And although the cancer certainly gave her the wisdom of a teenager, it never allowed her the innocence to remain a child.  So with Gracie, this is our first seven-year-old experience.

Already I can tell something is different and I fear that Gracie really is turning eight.  She too was aged by the experience with her sister.  She too lost the innocence.  She too is wise beyond her years.  And while her toothless grin claims to be seven, her words and memories tell us she is more like nine.

I would love to have seen what six and seven looked like through my daughter’s eyes.  Sadly I don’t ever think I will.  We will never get these years back.  All I can hope for is to enjoy eight, nine and ten with Gracie by my side.  I just hope the kisses and tickle time last a bit longer. 

Brooke has struck a deal with Gracie.  After this birthday we’ll refer to her age as “going on eight” instead of seven.  For Gracie this works.  Little does she know how right she is.

5 Responses to “Seven Going on Eight”

  1. sincere queen says:

    All my best wishes for u. . enjoy ur lyf nd hve a nice day Gracie. .

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  3. Kay Jens says:

    Just to encourage you to allow Gracie to be who she is, and not forever be known as Elena’s sister. It may be hard to feel totally special when you’re in the shadow of someone not there anymore. I witnessed this happening to a young boy I was a caregiver to, who had lost his older brother, at basically the same ages. Blessings to you, I share these thoughts in love.

  4. Julie says:

    There is always a special place for Fathers in a daughter’s life. I just turned 48 and I signed my dad’s Christmas card, “Always your Little Girl”.

    Thank you for having the strength and courage to complete this book and your education to others about the fight against Cancer. I will certainly purchase your book.

    God Bless you all and remember that Every Day Above Ground is a Blessed Day.

  5. Jaci says:

    I laughed at loud on this one! Be glad that it’s only \going on eight\, My six year old has decided that she should turn 13 for her next borthday because that’s when she can wear dangly earrings ( as opposed to posts). Not to mention that since she was born, she has been a \little adult\. What four year old watches \episodes\ of SpongBob?? Gracie is perfect, just like mine.